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About Us

Keeping it natural and sustainable is what we strive for everyday.

A message from our founder, Janet Byrd.

I started making candles in 2002. I needed a clean burning candle that would not produce toxins when lit.  After studying candle making techniques, I learned that beeswax candles were the cleanest burning candles, producing negative ions as the candle burned, therefore it actually acted as an air purifier.   After that, I was hooked.

I began studying essential oils and their effects on the body, mind, and even the environment.   For instance, while many of us know carrot seed, clary sage and helichrysum essential oils are amazing for the skin; did you know that peppermint has been known to repel wasps?   After placing a couple of peppermint candles on my porch, the wasps stopped building hives there.

From there, I studied clay and its effects on the skin.  Sea Clay, French Clay and Cambrian Blue Clay not only absorb oil, they also add minerals to the skin.  Bentonite Clay creates amazing "slip" in shave soaps.   I couldn't stop creating and learning.   I began making lip balms, face masks, bath bombs, lotions, facial moisturizers and soaps.

Bath Bombs are luxuries finest pleasure all wrapped up in a small package!  Actually, my bath bombs are HUGE by industry standards.  They are double the size of a traditional bath bomb.  While the color is fun, I have focused more on the feel.  The ingredients are balanced to leave you feeling soft and moisturized but never greasy.

Lotions took time to find the best blend of fast absorbing, non-greasy oils and butters that leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky, not weighed down and sweating.  Because ingredients matter, my lotions are not water based (the #1 ingredient in most commercial lotion), instead, we use the natural healing power of aloe.

Soaps are my passion.   I get to create functional art.   It challenges the mind to develop new recipes and designs. Soap is unique, in that no matter how long you have been doing it, there is always the chance things will not turn out as planned or that no matter how hard you try, you can't recreate the patterns just right.

My soaps are made from responsibly sourced oils and butters, then enhanced with herbs, clays and essential oils.   Each one is unique and formulated to work with a variety of skin types.   The bars are then cured a full 6 weeks to ensure maximum hardness.   I hope you try them all.

Bathe yourself in luxury.

Our Artisan Bath Soaps are formulated for how your body works
Our Artisan Bath Soaps are formulated for how your body works